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Our goal at GGBC is to pour ourselves out for the sake of the lost, the poor, and be an active part in furthering God’s Kingdom.  Our goal for Short-Term Missions at GGBC is two-fold:  strengthen the church in “reached” contexts (where there is at least some presence of the church) and establish the church in “unreached” contexts (where there is no existing church).

Short-term trips are the primary means to achieve these goals. We are currently active in the strengthening aspect of the church in a “reached” context.   Our future goals will include being an active part in the “unreached” context.

Short-term trips are strategically designed to serve the church by identifying and equipping GGBC leaders to lead GGBC members and partner with collaborating field partners.  We want to:

  • Engage the lost in partnership with field partners
  • Empower the poor through ministry alongside the local church (ex. Build wells, provide education opportunities.)
  • Equip the church primarily through biblical training and teaching

Our prayer is as our church family goes to serve the church on short-term trips God will use the exposure of different contexts to prompt many to serve in longer capacities

Pattaya, Thailand – July 29 – August 11

GGBC will be serving about 1,500 representatives and their families from East Asia in their first “all together” meeting they have had in 7 years. The leading of this is a NW wide effort and will entail providing programming for over 550  children ages 0-18. Other things that will be offered are medical care, haircuts, counseling, IT support, adult bible study leaders and more. Though you are not limited to serving in this area GGBC’s primary focus will be working with 7th through 12th graders.

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