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Greater Gresham wants to help you put your faith into practice. We ask each member to serve in a ministry in our church, community, or around the world. To that end we offer several ways to help you find a place of service that uses your unique interests, gifts, and abilities.


  • The Information Desk is located at the east end of the lobby.  You will find detailed information about ministry opportunities.
  • You may also contact Sheila Allen, who can help you find the right place of service.


At Greater Gresham we want to be people who share the grace and truth of Jesus in our every day actions and conversations. We want to equip our people to take the Gospel message across the street and across the city; into East County's homes and places of work and recreation. 

Greater Gresham has been a part of many great service opportunities in 2015 including the community of Hall Elementary, Gresham Police Department, the Gresham Arts Festival, Snowcap, My Father's House, Compassion Network, the Powell Valley Neighborhood Association and many individuals along the way.

The Bible says that each person is made on purpose, for a purpose. We want to help you discover what that is! The greatest joy I have in this position is walking with people as they discover the answers to these two questions: How has God uniquely made me? Whom has He made me to serve? 

As we continue to discover who Jesus is and how He loved, the natural response will be to live a life in joyful service to others. Regardless of where you are on the journey of learning about Jesus or discovering your creative and unique design, we invite you to find a place to serve with us! 

Contact for current Local Volunteer Opportunities!